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We are infill developers for the people of Edmonton

Changing the Face of Edmonton

Edmonton’s growth has brought both challenges and opportunities. Rather than build a gleaming new city full of glass, light, and steel that bears no resemblance to its former self, FCX advocate for a thoughtful combination of urban renewal and new construction. Where single-family homes are unsalvageable, we plan to replace them with stylish, energy efficient row houses.


Infill is the process of developing vacant or under-used land within existing urban areas that are already developed. Infill can consist of demolishing a building and replacing it with something new. It also includes the development of residential, commercial, mixed-use or institutional on vacant lots in existing neighbourhoods.


Polarized living with long commutes has brought about a change in urban planning and development. Walkable cities that embrace sustainability, and better work/life balances have seen the traditional rule book of suburban living thrown out the window in favor of “missing middle” housing. It differs markedly from high-rise condos that crowd the skyline of many cities and can be just as isolating as a long commute. Instead, Missing Middle housing utilizes row housing, stacked row housing, low-rise apartments, and courtyard housing to engender vibrant city living, interaction, and affordability.

Nurturing Healthier Lifestyles

Infill developments nurture and celebrate diverse communities, local businesses, and a sense of belonging. In addition, we focus on density transforming single family homes into multifamily buildings.